Strategy & Innovation

SailPointe will help you define where you are going.

Let us help you define your strategy for long-term sustainability. Our innovation in branding and design will get you there.

Packaging Design

Our designers are the best.

SailPointe listens to our customers, works with you to create the feeling you want and has the ability to pull you out of your comfort zone to ensure that the brand has staying power.

Brand Identity

Your brand must reflect who you are.

A brand is more than a pretty design. Your brand should have meaning and purpose and we can get you there. We will explore all aspects of what makes your brand unique and emphasize the special aspects that consumers need to know.

Design Implementation

Execution is more than pretty pictures.

SailPointe does more than create a stunning package. We will finish the job through design adaption, production art, proofing, regulatory reviews, translations, etc. We understand the gritty details to execute a project all the way to the end.

Brand Marketing

Creativity that sells.

Imagine your beautiful design spread throughout the retail store and online in a way that engages consumers to buy. We will get you there with a full marketing campaign that fits your budget and creates an impressive impact.