Urban Meadow Sparkling Water

2021 Vertex Award

The strategy for this line was to elevate the design with a simple, clean and sophisticated look and feel. Mission accomplished by combining dynamic typography, a bold color palette, and clean, fun illustrations. These elements enhance shelf impact while maintaining a solid competitive edge in the category.

Life Every Day Kids Cereals

2021 Graphic Design, USA – American Package Design Award

Life Every Day Cereals introduce whimsical, friendly monsters that are incredibly eye-catching on shelf and bring excitement to the brand.  The Life Every Day Brand encourages thankfulness as its brand message and every item has a gratitude statement.  These cereals show real personality in an aisle overrun with animals.  Original, hand-drawn artwork make these cereals unique and fun!

Cardinal Bath Tissue

2021 Graphic Design, USA – American Package Design Award

Paper manufacturer, Cardinal Tissue, came to SailPointe with a challenge to create branding with their red cardinal logo for packaging in a category that avoids the color red.  Through the judicious use of color and graphics, we created packaging that evoked the cleanliness necessary to the category and a strong identity that stands out on shelf.

Seven Farms Brand Refresh

2019 Graphic Design, USA – American Package Design Award

This brand launched in 2015 with a strong promise of being better.  There are seven pillars of Seven Farms and the new design puts emphasis on what is important to consumers, whether it’s certified organic, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, fair trade, ecofriendly or free from ingredients that consumers don’t want.

Earth Fare Soaps

2019 Graphic Design, USA – American Package Design Award

The colors, background shapes, and clean, elegant font give these Earth Fare Triple Milled Soaps a beautiful blend of style and richness. This packaging is designed with an inspiring contemporary look which is aimed squarely at young, fashion-savvy consumers.  Bright, eye-catching packaging with a unique design for each fragrance inspires a sense of occasion and stands proud and confident amongst the competition on the shelf.

Earth Fare Organic Brand

2019 Vertex Award

So important to create a strong brand, “Organic” becomes part of the logo in this family brand.  Natural settings, wooden tables and organic landscapes create an appeal that grabs the eye and communicates the commitment that the retailer has to their brand.

Fiesta Ice Creams

2019 Graphic Design, USA – American Package Design Award

These bi-lingual packages are category driven while designed explicitly for the Hispanic market.  This design has a classic Hispanic feel to it as it highlights the product imagery and creates a festive, colorful and rich label that speaks to the target consumer. The design blends earth tones and brings in a mosaic of color.  The flavor name and strong product imagery are cleverly placed on its edge to create flow and movement in the package.

Earth Fare Sparkling Waters

2018 Vertex Award

Seltzer water has always had a personality of its own in the grocery aisles. The objective was to create a trendy, hip look for Earth Fare’s private brand seltzer waters that not only fit the persona of their retail stores, but captured the essence of their shoppers as well. This was achieved through the use of bold colors, a series of smart illustrations, and splashy, powerful graphics throughout the packaging.

Right Course Diabetic Frozen Meals

2018 Graphic Design, USA – Health & Wellness Design Award

Elior, the brand owner of Right Course, challenged SailPointe to create a specialty brand that communicates specifically to the diabetic consumer. We worked with FDA regulatory, dieticians and the brand owner to communicate the scientific benefits of these meals while maintaining strong shelf appeal. SailPointe’s expertise in branding and graphical communications brought life and personality to the Right Course brand. Our solutions in photography and design created a strong bilingual brand that communicates the benefits of the product simply and meaningfully.